Welcome to the Ninth World

Session One: USSM and the Violet Vale

The PCs were huddle around various strangers in the trade city of USSM. A very cluttered and haphazard city, USSM was a great a place as any to round together individuals for an expedition. In the borders of USSM many citizens (or travelers) seek fame, fortune, or a quick escape from it all. Yad’Nu and his crew, the Vrij, were offering just that.

Near the docks of the city, Yad’Nu gathered the crew and volunteers before dismissing his 2nd in command to procure a map for the journey. Everyone was to meet back in one hour before departing.

Rilla, a giant cyborg gorilla like…. thing, decided to do the one thing he knew how to do and looked for the nearest bar. It didn’t take too long and before he knew it, a group of individuals were following him, interested in where he was going.

The bar, was mostly empty. There was the bartender, of course, as well as an uptight looking gentlemen in very proper attire. He seemed to be an officer of sorts. In the corner of the bar was a frail looking man wrapped in robes. He was reading a book and didn’t wish to be bothered.

Bosley was the first to ruin the robed man’s privacy. He sat down, attempted to say hello and as ignored, and decided to order a drink. Meanwhile, Rilla had alerted the bartender that he saw shady activity outside and he thought someone should investigate it. Overhearing it, the man in the officer clothes stormed out, running past Leon and Nar, two other individuals who had followed Rilla to the bar. Rilla went up to the door and locked it, leaving Leon outside as Nar had just walked in.

Meanwhile, the robed man ignored Bosley’s offered drink and exclaimed that people of his order didn’t partake in such things. Though he didn’t wish to talk, the robed man was nervous and alltogether scared and after a bit of coercing from Bosley, and now Rilla, told them he was from an order of people called “Order of Jed.” The book he was caring could only be read by those who were worthy, and that he couldn’t reveal anything else to the party.

As the situation escalated, it became clear to Leon who was standing outside, that the situation should be diffused. As he attempted to knock on the door, the officer looking gentleman from before came back, all heroic, and busted through the locked entrance. What happened after that, some cannot say, and it is certain that each party member will tell their own version of the tale. But Nar ended up with the book for a bit, the robed man was hogtied by Bosley (who was now carrying the man), and the bartender and the officer looking gentleman were passed out or otherwise. Leon, after looting the gentleman’s motionless body, discovered a strange note that after folding it and unfolding it in various ways, revealed a strange message between two people; one seemingly chasing after the other.

Having their fill and causing enough damage, the party (and the robed man) left the tavern to look for more trouble. They found their way to a shady area of the town and saw some folks gambling on individuals partaking in contests of strength. Rilla, of considerable size, joined in one of these competitions and the other three party members decided to risk some shins for a few extra coins. Then everything went crazy.

In a feat of strength, Rilla broke the wrist of his combatant and began to create illusions of fireworks in celebration of his victory. While Rilla was reveling in himself, Bosley decided to drag the bookkeeper assigned to their table to a nearby alleyway (while also carrying the nerd). Placing the nerd next to a dumpster, Bosley attempted to threaten the bookie, only to be met with a dagger in his side and a slight scratch. Taken aback by this, Bosley could not move. Thankfully, Leon had crept up beside the bookie and used his lightning abilities to knock the bookie out cold. They looted his body, scored a few extra shins, and Leon donned the bookie’s robe, attempting to disguise himself. Somehow, almost miraculously, the party members were able to pull of a charade that resulted in Bosley and Rilla fighting and Rilla tossing the match. In the end of it all, the party members were able to score 80 shins, though Rilla and Nar wanted none of it (Nar did take back his one Shin that he initially gambled, however).

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