Welcome to the Ninth World.

Thriest, a dying city in the middle of the war torn country of Malevich. The little bit of wealth that remains belongs to the “elite,” a small group of nobles from withering family lines that cling to old ways. They lock themselves inside their estates, hoping to weather a storm that will never end.

Rashik, counselor and advisor to the boy king of Malevich, seeks to scatter this storm. Though the country as a whole may not be salvageable, Thriest may have a chance.

Rashik sees an opportunity to turn Thriest into a Mecca of knowledge, a hub where scholars can exchange notes and discuss theory on Numenera, the histories of the prior worlds, and the advancement of the human race. To do so is no easy task and so Rashik has had to gather resources from many channels, some maybe not the most dignified.

Sure, some of the good natured and wise folk of the Steadfast have seen the opportunity to turn Thriest into something more. But these people are few and scattered across thousands of miles. It’ll take a lot more to turn Thriest into a City of Knowledge than simple niceties and acts of faith.

Rashik has offered rewards for any useful Numenera that is donated to the city, with the hopes that the strange artifacts will attract more individuals to take up residence. Rashik’s rewards are substantial and where and how he gets the funding is questionable. Even more questionable is Rashik’s willingness to turn a blind eye as to how some of these Numenera are obtained.

An abhuman by the name of Yad’Nu Azul has taken an interest in capitalizing on Rashik’s rewards. He has heard a rumor. A rumor about a pool of black liquid somewhere in Matheunis, The Cold Desert. This black liquid, when coated over flesh, is rumored to have wondrous effects. Such a find could net a nice reward, especially to the right buyer.

But The Cold Desert is a strange region, strange despite all the oddities that occur in the daily lives of citizens of The Steadfast. Butting up against the Southern Borders of the Pytharon Empire, Matheunis is a tough land and travelers must be wary. The land is home to many strange beings, mutants, and worse and the ever constant threat of invasion hangs in the air.

Yad’Nu and his crew (collectively called Vrij) have a risky and difficult task ahead. From the city of USSM, a neutral trade city along the Sadara River and bordering The Cold Desert, Yad’Nu has put out a call for aid, willing to offer a piece of the pie to any individuals who join The Vrij on their expedition.

This is where you come in. Somehow you find yourself in USSM. Perhaps it was faith, or something specifically drew you here, or maybe you just got lost and stumbled into a strange opportunity. Either way you and twenty other wanderers, soldiers, and lord knows what else have found themselves temporarily part of Yad’Nu’s crew and on their expedition to find The Black Pool.

Welcome to the Ninth World

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